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23 New York, 10 Hudson Yards.

+ (00) 1800-567-8990

Maintenance Services

Maintenance and Products services arm of the company commenced as agent /distributor of oil & Gas equipment. Our Strategic Alliance with world-class companies, Dynamic Management, Technical competence/experience, highly skilled Indigenous manpower, Local / foreign Financial Support, Excellent CASHES records and commitment to quality service delivered timely gives LOBOSWAY an edge above Competition. Our Team of experienced engineers are fully equipped and trained to carry out maintenance services on all equipment and product.

Specifically, we have developed competence in the following area of operations and maintenance services.

  • Offshore and Onshore Facility Operation & Maintenance
  • Metering Systems (Gas and Liquid), Prover Loops, Samplers and Instrumentation.
  • Crude Custody transfer point maintenance & operation – Upstream
  • Tank Farm Operation & Maintenance – Downstream Certification of fiscalization Instruments
  • Pressure Relief/Pressure Safety Valves, Control Valves, MOVs, Isolation valves etc
  • Electric & Hydraulic Actuators
  • Pumps repairs, servicing & overhaul
  • Industrial cooling systems repairs
  • Tank Gauging Systems & Tank Accessories
  • Catalyst & Molsieve Adsorbent Handling Services
  • Pipeline modifications & repairs
  • Refinery Back-up Maintenance & TAM
  • Maintenance & TAM Workshop.

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LOBOSWAY advanced into full scale engineering and project management services in 2009 with one of the would most reputable engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance services company. With a well grounded team of engineers and other technical staff involved in oil and gas engineering and project management services, our clients’ are assured to expect the level of expertise they require.

Our values help us stand out
Our word is our bond
We love to learn and use the latest technologies
Offering feature rich, professional products and services