Lobosway Global Resources Limited is a wholly indigenous limited liability company duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria since 2008 with registration No. RC 729848 and is into Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering works and services, procurement of Petroleum and related products, safety and industrial spare parts, materials and equipment, Equipment supply, Lease and Hire, Consultants, suppliers, etc.

Lobosway Global Resources Limited with her vast resources of quality and highly technical, managerial and Engineering human resources undertakes engineering, consultancy and supplies services to all sectors (public and private) of the economy, such as Government (Federal, State and Local Government Councils) and its Parastatals; Oil and Gas and allied industries, etc. Jobs/projects are carried out using modern and current methods/approach.

Policy/Mission Statement:

Lobosway Global Resources Limited is committed to providing efficient, fast reliable and time-tested services to our numerous clients and customers.

In our effort to achieve the above stated objectives, we try as much as possible to put the safety of our personnel, equipment, protection of the environment of our clients and all concerned into consideration.

Why Lobosway?

Our values help us stand out.

We provide cost effective solutions and on time delivery coupled with high ethical standards and sound business integrity as we are solely committed to the growth of our clients’ businesses.

Our word is our bond

Lobosway Global Services delivers something you can not put a price on: peace of mind. We hold ourselves in high regard and therefore do not practice a ‘promise and fail’ culture, as we have said we are dedicated to satisfying our clients and when we say ‘we can’, we can!

We love to learn and use the latest technologies

Technology has taken over the globe, and it is constantly being renewed. In order to live an easy, productive and fulfilled life, you have to key in to recent technology. That’s what we help you achieve as we always embrace latest technology to providing solutions

Offering feature rich, professional products and services

With the set of highly skilled professionals in different majors that we parade, quality has become a way of life. Our one-stop, hassle-free approach saves you time and money, while regular price checks and large order discounts keep us competitive.

Our Clientele