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Expertise, discipline and precision

Lobosway Global Resources Ltd is an indigenous company whose aim is to provide ENGINEERING SERVICES AND PRODUCTS to her clients in various areas
of specialization in the Oil & Gas sector (Onshore and offshore), Engineering Procurement and Construction(EPC), Civil/Construction, Mechanical/Electrical Installation/Maintenance, Machining Services, Provision of 0il Country Tubular (OCTG)/Threading, and supply chain

Lobosway Global Resources has been servicing the Oil and Gas Industries for years in various fields with her group of Experienced Engineers, Managers, Technicians and Skilled workers who are drawn from various disciplines of Engineering to form this strategic team, At we committed to creating technical solution to problems envisaged with the help of our experienced team of engineers with safety and quality being
an integral part of our everyday business Lobosway was established to render world class services to the industries.

Our Vision

To be a trusted global resource provider, delivering top-quality services and products that meet the diverse needs of our clients across various industries and markets.

Our mission

Is to continuously innovate and provide exceptional solutions that empower businesses worldwide, fostering growth, sustainability, and success through our comprehensive range of resources and services.

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Our Values

Social Responsibility

Demonstrating a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, including giving back to communities.


Teamwork and Collaboration

Encouraging collaboration, diversity, and respect for the contributions of every team member.


Excellence and Quality

Striving for excellence in all aspects of operations and consistently delivering high-quality products ...


Customer-Centric Approach

A commitment to putting customers at the forefront and delivering exceptional service.


Integrity and Ethics

Upholding high ethical standards, transparency, and integrity in all business dealings.


Adaptability and Innovation

Embracing change, fostering a culture of innovation, and continually improving processes and strategies.